Youth, vote for your future - New Straits Times

by Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture

Photo: Muhammad Asyraf Sawal

Photo: Muhammad Asyraf Sawal

Youth need to realise that the nature of changes that will be implemented will be collectively determined by the parliamentarians and state assemblymen we vote for. We get the changes we deserve. To be deserving, youth need to exercise their voting rights.

Democracy doesn’t work without citizens’ participation. Voting demonstrates one’s attempt to get the political outcome one desires. And, should the political outcome be not in line with what one desires, there is always the opportunity to raise it in Parliament or state assembly through elected representatives.

Youth must understand that democracy is a confluence where one’s “give” meets one’s “take”. Compromises are the wages for peace and stability. Compromises should neither breed apathy nor disinterest.

Election is a numbers game, too. If youth do not turn up in large numbers to cast the votes, the election will be decided in the favour of those who do. The vote is everyone’s privilege. Do not waste your privilege just because you do not believe it counts. Vote for who you think will strive for the future you want.