Elections and the young voter: Unenthusiastic and distrustful - The Star Online
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by Tarrance Tan

Merdeka director Ibrahim Sofian said there “is a degree of voter disenchantment that being part of the political process does not necessarily lead to the changes we want to see.”

He said the poor voter registration was also due to the lack of engagement by political parties with voters.

“Our political culture does not encourage open criticism and the questioning of policies and issues,” he said at a briefing here on Tuesday night.

According to Ibrahim, the reason why young people showed a lack of interest in politics was because of trivial and seditious issues that marred local politics.

“Politics has dissolved into confusion marked by bickering and infighting over identity issues such as race and religion. I think that has made a lot of people disinterested,” he said, adding that politicians were not talking about youth-centric issues either.