Distrust of politicians one factor for low number of young voters - FMT

by Melissa Darlyne Chow

A distrust for politicians and the lack of interest in politics have contributed to the low number of young voters in Peninsular Malaysia, a public opinion survey shows.

The survey, titled “Public Opinion Survey: Youth Perception on the Economy, Leadership and Current Issues”, showed that 70% of the 604 surveyed were not interested in politics.

Some 66% were of the view that politicians were not trustworthy, 54% felt that politicians did not care about people’s problems, and 66% felt that politicians themselves were the cause of many problems.

A whopping 71% of those surveyed felt that they had no influence on the government, and 75% felt that politics was complicated.

Some 69% felt that public officials did not care about the public.

The results of the survey, carried out in early August and released last night, also found that almost 40% of those surveyed were not registered to vote.