Nadya, 21

I shouldn’t take the one chance of safely participating in the politics of this country for granted.
— Nadya, 21

I like batik, literature, and being around my friends with food. 

One thing that surprises other Malaysians about me is that I'm the eldest in my family! 

I'm good at cooking for company, talking loudly, writing, making sure my friends are alright, and organising. 

One thing I'm proud of is still being here despite the system telling me that a progressive Malay woman like me shouldn't exist! 

I decided to be a voter because I realised that being aware and talking about issues was not enough. I shouldn't take the one chance of safely participating in the politics of this country for granted. 

I'm most worried about discrimination and income inequality, lack of education, and lack of healthcare services. 

These issues matter to me because they are close to my heart. I have seen how inaccessibility to education has affected several of my friends who have all the potential in the world. As for healthcare, being a young adult, I am beginning to be more responsible for my own body and health. I am blessed to be living in the city so I have easy access to healthcare— though I wish it wasn't so hard for unmarried women to get treatment or check for reproductive and sexual health. That aside, all of us could use better access to healthcare. 

I wish I knew more about East Malaysians and their issues! Everything that I read, see, and hear, is almost always Semenanjung-centric. 

I want other young people to know that I believe in all of us. We are not as complacent or ignorant as they or we think! Sure, there's so much info it can be overwhelming, but if we have patience and understanding, we are capable enough to move mountains. 

Watan1996, Wilayah Persekutuan