Wendi, 25

One thing I’m proud of is learning how to swim in six months.
— Wendi, 25

I like writing, hiking, and reading.

One thing that surprises other Malaysians about me is that my great-great grandmother was Siamese.

I'm good at making people laugh with my cynical jokes.

One thing I'm proud of is learning how to swim in six months. Now I can swim at waterfalls!

I decided to be a voter because of a passion for change.

I'm most worried about climate change, discrimination and income inequality, and lack of education.

These issues matter to me because with inequality and the destruction of nature can be reduced with education.

I wish I knew more about Borneo and its stories.

I want other young people to know that we are not what society paints us to be. We are not a product of social media or the media in general— we must continue to dream bigger because faith is what keeps us going, striving, and fighting.

Watan1992, Selangor