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Azhar, 24

"Atuk nenek saya sering pesan untuk percayai keputusan mereka. Tetapi saya sudah besar dan ingin membuat pilihan sendiri."

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Watan1994, Johor
Nadine, 23

"I decided to be a voter after I was fortunate enough to vote in the last UK general elections as a Commonwealth citizen. All Commonwealth citizens are eligible to vote in UK elections."

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WatanSarawak, 1994
Samantha, 23

"I think there's a stereotype that despite being raised in a multicultural education system, the ability of many urban non-Malay individuals to engage with Bahasa Malaysia is pretty stunted. It's our national language! If we demean the language, it makes it difficult for us to engage with a large portion of the country."

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Watan1994, Selangor