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Leanne, 26

“We don't always have to be late, not clear up after ourselves at fast food places, and double park, just because everyone else does it. Just because we've been like this for as long as anyone can remember, doesn't mean we can't change.”

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Amanda, 32

"It all boils down to education first. With improved education, I hope more people are able to discuss and think critically about issues. Being able to think for yourself is a great power."

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Watan1985, Wilayah Persekutuan
Belinda, 25

"I decided to be a voter because while I care a lot about social issues, local politics is something I've always been a bit averse to. Maybe I'm just jaded, I don't know. But I'm realising that if I want to see social change, I need to vote, because it affects our government and our leadership."

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Watan1992, Wilayah Persekutuan